Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last night ended with me sleeping on twin mattress in Aayla's new room and her sleeping without the crib rail. I thought that we'd just do the no crib rail for naps, but I realized rather quickly that I'm not about to screw that thing on and off a couple times a day. She did really well. I did not. She dangled her legs off the side of the mattress a couple times and I could hear her giggling ever once in a while. She didn't fall asleep until around 10 even though I'd gotten her into bed around 8:40. (ten minutes late because I was looking for a piece that is supposed to get screwed on if the rail is taken off... I gave up) Every move, every shift had me sitting up in bed just WAITING for her to either roll out or to try to escape. She never tried to escape. I think that was because I flat out told her that if she got out of bed she would get a spank. She listened and thought I was really funny. She ended up falling out of bed around 3am. I had lined the floor with big floor pillows, so she just landed softly and never woke up. She didn't even wake up when I lifted her back into bed and changed her diaper.

This morning she entertained herself for a good half hour. I could hear her playing in there and I was a little nervous about what she had found. I think she was looking out the windows. She also had gotten into the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulled out these foam crib pads--nothing too bad. She knocked on her door around 9 this morning and I let her out. She was the happiest I've seen her that bright and early. Normally she gets all cranky because she is confined in her crib and can see all the toys.

At nap time today, I told her it was time to go "nigh-nigh" and, like she always does, she RAN to her new room with a big smile on her face. I've figured out that if I can push her till noon until she needs to take her nap, she is ready and willing to go down. She ran and jumped onto the twin mattress instead of her bed. I patted her crib and asked if she wanted to sleep there instead. She snuggled right into the twin mattress. Message understood. Aayla is ready for naps in her big bed. She might even be ready for the big bed at night. Maybe its just me that needs to have her in a crib a few more nights. I went back in to check on her about 30 minutes after I'd left the room. There hadn't been a peep once I closed the door. She was in the exact same spot and looked REALLY cozy all bundled up. She just looks so old laying with a pillow and real blankets instead of just a baby blanket over her.

My baby is growing up.

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