Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Beds for Chickens?

And it begins--the transition of Aayla into her new room. Whew. The office is cleaned out (except for the closet... which is a monster I'm not ready to tackle quite yet). The twin bed is outfitted with new sheets and a pillow with the mattress right on the floor, making it a smaller distance from the mattress to the floor WHEN she falls out. The crib is in the room. A dresser is in the room with a changing pad on top. Its a small room, but it will work. The plan is to start Aayla in her crib in the room for a week. She is a rather flexible little girl and will sleep in a pack'n'play just about anywhere, so I'm not too concerned that she is going to freak out in the room. After the week is up, I'd like to take the side off so she is IN her crib for nap time, but has the freedom to get up. After she doesn't roll out, we'll leave off the rail for nighttime. Once she learns to stay in that bed all night, then we'll put her in the twin mattress for naps. Then the twin for nighttime. I'm not sure how long the process will take or even if I'll change strategy mid-way through. However, its a plan that I'm willing to start with. I'd rather do all the dirty work before my body doesn't let me sleep anymore (from pregnancy) as I'm SURE there are going to a be a few sleepless nights. I might even crash on that twin mattress on a few of the no side-rail nights. Its a battle I'm ready to fight... hopefully its not too violent.

Another battle we're working on is the potty training. She goes in spurts with telling us she has to go potty. Some days she does, some days she doesn't. We'll see.

In NON child news... we're getting CHICKENS. I can't decide whether this post belongs here or at gardeningfromnothing.blogspot.com/ We're planning on using the chicken poo in the compost, so maybe it falls with gardening? But mostly its for the eggs and the experience... so that might win for the small everyday category.

I first heard about this about a week ago. Ryan said he'd finally decided what to get me for Mother's Day. I was a little shocked that he was going to get me anything. Last year he didn't even think he had to say "happy mothers day" since according to him, "You're not MY mother." :) ah, thats my man. haha. And, btw I'm glad mothers day is before fathers day because now I have a chance to get him something too. We normally aren't gift people. So, anyway, he said 1. he was going to build it in the garage, 2. it would be for outside, and 3. it would not be an eye-sore. I was REALLY confused and slightly scared. He decided Saturday would have to be the day he revealed his present, since he coudln't take it with us to the park on Sunday with the family. It was a chicken coop! We went to Tractor Supply to get the chickens, but they didn't have the kind that were recommended to him... so TODAY we go to pick up two ISA Browns chicks from Family Farm & Home in Allendale. :) Yay! You all might be thinking, "sorry, Nancy! Bummer of a gift." But ryan hit it on the nose when he predicted that it would be my favorite gift I've ever gotten from him besides my engagement ring and besides Aayla. :) He knows me well. Since he doesn't ever read this thing... my retaliation plan for best gift ever for Father's day will be a canoe. :) Even if I have to beg, "borrow", or steal it. muhahaha.

Its been about 24 minutes and Aayla is still crying in her crib. She sounds like she is winding down though so cross your fingers.

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