Friday, May 8, 2009

Garage Sale Excitement.

Garage Sale season has hit. Yesterday I conned Ryan into staying home ALL DAY LONG with Aayla while I went out. How did I accomplish this? I first went off about how I really, really wanted to spend time with him and it just might be a lot of fun to go with me. He consented, because he's great like that. A few hours later, I causually mentioned, "ya know... you could either come with me or you could stay home with Aayla. I'm not sure which would be better." He immediately jumped at the chance to stay home with her. Why? Because my husband HATES shopping in all its forms. Even, by the way, if it comes in the form of RETURNING previously purchased items and getting money back! Crazy. So I really did want to spend time with him, so that wasn't a lie, but I slowly came to realize that 1. I would get more done if Aayla was not part of the group and 2. I could be strategic about purchasing certain things that Ryan might find unnecessary. ie... like a $60 eliptical machine. I ended up getting a hold of him before buying it (darn it) and therefore am now eliptical-machine-less. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

I got a dresser (free! and in great condition... thank you someone I know that just wanted it out of their house) for her new room. Raincoat, water shoes, some 24 month play clothes and nice clothes, a trike, a kid camp chair, a maternity swimsuit, a double stroller (side-by-side!!!), and two car seats. Yes, thats right, TWO CARSEATS. What was I thinking?! I bought Aayla's carseat on craigslist for $60. Its a Britax and I love it. I found a lady who was selling her twin paraphanalia which included the britax carseats... for THIRTY dollars. So I got two. My mom bought one from me so she can just keep one in her car. Eh, oh well.

And the deal finding ended abruptly when the truck I was driving through REALLY nice neighborhoods decided to not start. ::sigh:: I hate not blending in. Although its hard to blend when your making big sick truck sounds. I called Ryan, who had me call AAA, who called a tow truck. In the mean time I kept trying to get the car to start. He was there in decent time (a half hour). He asked me what was going on and instead of mimicking sounds for him I just said, "It just keeps doing this..." and with that I turned the key and the truck purred to life. As I mentioned to my friend beka, looking like a dumb girl is cheaper than having to make auto repairs, so I'll suck it up.

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