Sunday, May 3, 2009

Checking in.

Ah yes. We're back from Florida and back in full swing project mode. We had company over on Friday night and Saturday night so it was a good excuse to get a couple things cleaned that hadn't been cleaned in a while.

Florida will have to be summed up in pictures, because it was so nice I can't talk about it without being overwhelmed by how much I want to go back. Right. Now.

The temperatures are slowly creeping upward... now into the 60's most days. I haven't seen a 70's forecast on the 10-day forecast yet, but I'm sure its coming. We're supposed to have 4 good days of sun and I'm planning to attack the heaping piles of laundry in my basement so I can hang them dry outside and hopefully offset the electric costs of running those grow lights for our vegetables.

Ryan finished the door on Aayla's room and I bought sheets & mattress covers. She is almost all set to start trying her new big girl bed... at age 13 months. Yikes. I just can't have her climbing out. I'm too scared by the stories of children busting up their legs and arms. As it stands now, the floor around her bed is outlined in pillows. She's made it over once and I've walked in a few times with her teetering precariously on the rail.

Erin & Coby are making plans to come out here in July and I couldn't be more excited. I'm already running through what we can do while they are here. :) I don't want to schedule TOO much, but need to find that balance. :) YAY

Aayla is sick today so we didn't go to church. Ry went because he's playing guitar for the service. We'll all meet up at Mom's in an hour or so. Speaking of, I should probably get ready. I've been spending Aayla's nap time starting a gardening journal... in blog form. Its just so much easier to have it in blog form because it doesn't take up space in my house and I will always know where it is! :) I've tried to start a physical journal a couple times. I still wonder where those are ;)

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