Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ryan and I decided to tackle gathering information for taxes together. Aayla decided she LOVED the idea of mom and dad sitting on the couch together filling out paperwork and wanted to be involved. We finally convinced her we weren't going to be any fun. She ran off to play in her bedroom (right off the living room). All of the sudden we hear this little whimper. It was more of her "this is frustrating but also is slightly painful, but I'm not going to stop" whine. I quick ran in...

This little girl, who turns one in two days so TECHNICALLY is still ELEVEN MONTHS OLD... was trying to scale the side of her crib to get inside. Confession... I had climbed in there with her when she had gotten up from her nap and started playing in there with her. Maybe she thought that if she just got in that it would be fun all over again. Either way, she had pulled herself up with her feet standing on her mattress and her little muscles shaking as she was trying to get a better grip. Accident waiting to happen.

Not looking forward to her learning to climb OUT.

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