Friday, April 10, 2009

Green thumbs

I like to pretend we live in a little picturesque little place. We actually live in a stinky town that is home to a landfill. On certain days, it wafts its sweet aroma our way. And really those certain days are just the really hot ones when it hits above 85 degrees. Okay, and maybe a handful more. We've done our part to at least make our yard something nice to look at while we sit inside to avoid the fragrance. We put in a really nice deck that wraps around the side and back of our house. We're going to plant some wisteria on it so it looks cozy. We put in a vegetable garden lined with rocks and a white fence. We've added foundation landscaping. We actually are going to rip that out because we lined the beds with railroad ties and I've changed my mind about liking those. I think I like the rocks better so we'll have to wait to collect some free field stone before we take out the railroad ties. And today... ah today. Today we started putting up a tire swing. When you look outside it just looks so... nice. Green grass... tire swing... little garden... No one living behind us (because the church's softball field is back there but there are mature evergreens between us). It really is nice.

Today while Ryan was working on the tire swing (and I helped by monitoring Aayla) I walked around and looked at my flowers.

Excuse me. I need to go take the coins away from Aayla before she puts them in her mouth and contracts hepatitis.

eh hem. Anyway...

So we walked around looking at my flowers. ::big sigh:: I love seeing flowers come up in the spring. The Helleborus has bloomed and I LOVE it. Last year we got the plant from my aunt who needed to take out one of her flower beds. It had already flowered and was sort of in the process of drying itself out, but even then the dried flowers/leaves still had some color left in them which I thought looked rather nice. I was kind of wondering what the heck it would look like when it bloomed. I saw it in pictures, but sometimes its just not the same. The blooming plant is so pretty I just might go get some more from seed and start them next year. We'll see.

We MIGHT even have two daffodil plants bloom this year. There were daffodils randomly placed in the center of our yard when we first moved in. I'm talking... 8 feet away from the house completely surrounded by grass random. So I dug them up and put them in a pot because I didn't know else to do with them and we had to dig up where they were sitting so Ry could get the sump pump draining away from the house. They didn't bloom. The next year I put them in the ground in our front foundation garden. Then I forgot about them. Last year they sprouted green foliage but not a single flower. THIS YEAR... not a real flower yet, but a big weird growth at the end of one of the "leaves" that looks like it might be getting fat and starting to turn yellow. Cross your fingers. I'm such a novice at this whole gardening thing but I've realized this is how old ladies know so much about it... they've put their time in.

My bleeding hearts are starting to pop through the ground and I'm getting quite excited since they seem to have doubled since last year. The foliage is pretty so far. Same goes for the peonies that have popped through the ground. I was a little nervous because I know they are picky about how deep their crown is and we just put some beauty bark on it.

Excuse me while I stop aayla from ripping out every last sandwich baggie from the box of 150.

Anyway, so those are the exciting events of my gardening.

In other news
  • We colored Easter Eggs with Aayla. Well, she watched because I realized that its probably NOT a great idea to let a one year old with a fascination for tipping things over have any sort of access to a cup full of dye. Smart, smart.
  • Taxes are done, thank you so much Dusty. Now we can pay the dentist for my teeth.
  • Florida is a couple weeks away, and I'm looking forward to oranges. I still don't even know if they will be in season down there.
  • Still not feeling pregnant.

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