Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I kicked butt on the tax assessment thing yesterday. I thought it would be a really long process, but instead one of my emails hit the bulls eye. I contacted our realtor that we bought our house through. I told him what we were going to attempt. He sent back about 10 listings of houses that sold last year in our town. He told us how to take the State Equalized Values and blah blah blah them with the selling price and blah blah blah to get a number which if you blah blah blah it with our SEV and then add half the value of our $1000 building permit for the deck last year, it will show us what our SEV SHOULD be fairly. Well, lets just say we figured out REAL quick we need to cancel our appointment because they would most certainly raise our taxes. Well, even if we won't start paying less, its nice to know that we could have been paying more this whole time. So, Figuring out if we're going to contest taxes: check.

This week is a monumental week for our family. Ryan has NEVER worked an 8-5 job, day after day. We've had consecutive nights together, but only on vacation. This week he has training. He goes in the morning and is back by 5 or 6. Yesterday, he was home by 5. That means, I had this entire weekend with him, and will have every night with him until Sunday night when he has to go in to work again. I'm hoping that this week allows me to find some sort of appreciation for his regular schedule of 6p-6a on a repeating 2-week block schedule working 7 days in 2 weeks. I'm hoping it swings that way and doesn't make me wish, wish, wish he had a normal person's schedule. I have noticed that last night I had ZERO tolerance for him in my space when we went to bed. Its almost like my body TOLERATES him being there some nights, but won't go so far as to accept him being in my bed. Lets just be honest, he may have half the nights off, but he needs to stay on a night schedule and therefore rarely comes to bed with me. I've gotten used to it and its a little humorous to me to find that it might have gone step further than "used to it" to "prefer it." This will be a good week for realizations.

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