Friday, March 6, 2009

Only Eleven Months Old.

Could it really be? I think we might have turned the Spring corner. Are we really done with the 20 degree temperatures? The next 10 days in Michigan will see nothing below 40s... I will TRY not to get my hopes up. Date night couldn't have come on a better night. Its almost 60 out! I think we are going to have a classy date night of clay target shooting, dinner, bookstore. haha yep. thats right. Shotguns will be involved on our date night cause we are awesome like that.

Before her nap at noon, Aayla and I went outside for an hour or so. I sat on the deck and she ran around the yard. It was glorious. There wasn't anything she could get hurt on, break, or mess up. She had free reign to our yard. Not the neighbors yard. Not the driveway. Not even the sidewalk. Just our yard. So, maybe it wasn't "free reign" but it was as close as she's going to get. This is why people have fenced in back yards. I have always hated it because it just looks so darn unfriendly... but I get it. Ry and I have been talking about putting up stakes around the yard and attaching string to form a perimeter as a visual reminder for her about where she can go this summer. Of course, she will need supervision which she will no doubt get. HOWEVER, it would be nice to have a boundary for her so she isn't constantly hearing us scold her...and it would be nice not to scold her either. That will take some more thinking to figure out.

I wish Aayla would just start telling us ALL the time when she has to go. She'll go through these phases where she will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom and then just look at you expectantly. Its obvious that she has to go. You put her on her potty seat and she goes. Then she waves her hand "all done." Other times, we can suggest it, she'll run to the bathroom, sit on the pot, wave "all done," you take her off... and she'll pee on the floor before you even have a chance to put her clothes back on. Its totally hit or miss. For about a week she was pooping and peeing just about every time on the potty. I'm not complaining because I know she is only eleven months old and we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. However, sometimes it IS just a little frustrating to know she CAN tell you but just decides not to.

I have a few ideas about what to do about kid #2 currently baking in my body. We are going to give it another go with elimination communication. However, this time I think we are going to start right away. Like, in the hospital. I know that might make us the weird people, but I think it will be beneficial. I'm going to use those nice cloth diapers/towel things they have and just hold it under her/him. I also regret not making the hand sign from the get-go. Aayla has picked up sign language so well, adding to it daily, but she does not and will not sign potty. I don't think she can decipher the subtle differences between certain signs. "Water" to her is to put her hand to her mouth. Oddly enough, that is also blowing-kisses, "food/eat" and "thank-you." "No-no" is the same as "up" and "down". I can't really get her to grasp the concept of making a fist and shaking it LET ALONE putting her thumb between the pointer finger and the middle finger while she shakes it. Granted... she IS only eleven months old. She might still get it.

Okay. I must accomplish something with my day.

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