Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nancy Preg Nancy

And... for all my worry and agony over what needs to be done before we get pregnant, it just happened. Before the book project was done. Before my teeth were fixed. Before the car was fixed. Turns out I'm six weeks pregnant. At least it wasn't hard this time. It wasn't hard last time either, but I just have this understanding that its so common for miscarriages and for things not to go smoothly... that i'm planning on it happening to us, although hoping it won't. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. I think that has been my unspoken motto. Anyway, I started a pregnancy blog to journal my way through it all so that I don't sit there eleven months later and think, now... I don't remember THAT happening.

And I'm fighting through the tiredness and working on the book project today. I refuse to give up even though it has TURNED INTO A MONSTER and I'm DEATHLY tired. Dramatic much?

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