Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Since I haven't had anything nice to say, there has been a big long silence on here. Sorry to my only reader, Erin. These past few weeks have been hard.

  • This week is the first week Aayla has felt better. This will be the first week in about a month that I will attempt to hit up Cuddle-Time at the church next door. One of the three teeth that were coming through broke through. Two of them, including the molar, seemed to have gone back where they came from. They aren't bothering her so I'm not complaining.
  • Aayla has decided that she doesn't want to use the toilet anymore. I'm sure its a stage, but its frustrating nonetheless. More washing, more work, but she's still a baby and therefore entitled to use her diapers. We've actually bought disposables for overnight to make my pregnant life easier. She consistently has a poopy diaper when she gets up in the morning. Instead of having to wash out the poopies, I can just throw them away.
  • Ryan and I had to readjust and realign our expectations of our marriage. We don't fight much, but when we do... we do. I still feel SO incredibly guilty because I shredded what I STILL SWEAR were my old magazines... but in the light of day ended up being some of his field and stream magazines. Oops. He didn't get upset either, which made me feel a little worse I think. I have never thrown anything. I've only yelled at him once in 4 1/2 years. So add this to the list of firsts. Oh well. We're on the same page now. Kids are hard.
  • I finished with all the excruciating dental work... only to have the veneer break the morning after it was "installed." I'm walking around with half a veneer on my front tooth, but I REALLY don't mind as long as it means I will have to go through one less buzzing session. He's letting me keep this on my tooth as the temporary. One more session.
I've been hearing myself say, "I wanted to punch them in the face" a lot lately. Or "just give me a baseball bat." Rage issues? Mostly those comments were directed at rude people I don't know... or other drivers... or computer support technicians. :) Need to get that in check in the next few months, or at least by the time Aayla starts mimicking me. Oh wait, she already is. On a similar note (and just a disclaimer, no one we know actually says this so I know she has never heard it), I know its just babble but it made me laugh so genuinely hard that I had to sit down. Aayla very clearly said, "up yours" today.

And that is IT for my complaining. (and even that was more than I planned. sorry) Now for the good stuff.

Right now, I'm planning Aayla's FIRST BIRTHDAY party!! I can't believe she is going to be one on Friday. Man, it really does go fast. I want to make her a cake, but I don't want to go all overboard and elaborate. I'm thinking just family, spaghetti & meatballs for dinner, and a regular chocolate cake. I might make it pretty... but it won't be a themed cake besides edible. :) hopefully. I (We) got her a pretty hair brush, some music, and a really big ball. I keep saying This'll be it. Its just so hard not to impulse buy for her. To my credit, I used my christmas ITunes gift card plus $4 for her music, spent $2 on the brush, and $3 on the ball. I've got a whole lot more accountability for what I spend now that Ryan is in charge of the budget (YAY!!!!!!). It'll be a really low key birthday, but what does she care? She won't know what is going on and we're planning on taking FABULOUS video to manipulate her memories.

Also, I ordered the seeds for our garden! (warning: complaint... I ordered them 2 1/2 weeks ago, got a email notice that they shipped a week ago but according to the tracking number they haven't even left the building as of yet. Bummer.) We got some old lights from my parents so we can start them inside. Got my sister, Bree, to buy some of the seeds off us to split the cost. Bought wood chips/mulch for the front foundation gardens. I'm SO excited that the mulch is brown instead of that red color. Everytime I look at it I sigh because it looks so nice. Some of my plants are even starting to come up! I'm not sure what it is about that, but it makes me want to scream as I run around the yard because HOLY CRAP I HAVEN'T KILLED MY PLANTS YET!!!

And... weirdos that we are... Ryan agreed we could redo the worm bin. I randomly found a book called "Worms Eat My Garbage" at the library when I was looking for composting books. (Reading gets expensive for me because I like to put it all into practice) I picked it up because we had a worm bin. After reading through it I realized how badly we'd done on our first attempt. The rank smell that was coming from it meant our worms were most likely dead and NOT eating our garbage. It was true. So, we built a box the right size. We filled it with bedding (who knew they needed bedding and not just globs of food chucked on them), filled it with water, bought a THOUSAND WORMS (which incidentally ended up not being enough), and then put our garbage in. I figured out that we do about a pound of garbage (that they can eat) a week. BUT like just about everything else in the book, I misread it and didn't get enough worms to actually eat that much. SO, we have to wait until they procreate. One week we'll feed the worms, the next we'll have to feed the compost bins in the garden. I keep checking the bin and ITS WORKING! It doesnt smell despite having about 2 lbs of garbage in there. There is a developing layer of worm poop sitting on top. And I'M HAPPY. Yay.

I know it may seem gross to you, but its one more way that we are starting to take responsibility for our waste. Along the same lines, I bought another skinny trash can, took out a shelf in our pantry, and now have a convienent spot to store our recycle bins. AND the best part is, since they are clearly labeled we can just sit them out on the curb (sitting in the blue bin so the recycle truck knows to stop) as they are instead of having to dump it all into another container. We've gone from putting out two big trash cans of trash per week to using about a half of one can. I think we could do even better, but its a huge step in the right direction. Recycling and composting (and using cloth diapers) take care of the rest. If we are serious about living our dream in the woods, off the grid... then we need to start the principles now. Reducing what we use, reusing what we can, and recycling the rest. I think it will work. Paying for our water has also helped me realize how much more water we are using with Aayla. Our bill went from about $15 every month to about $25. yikes. thats most likely from the extra laundry and the extra baths. Can't wait for summer when she can play in the pool and get her fix of "bathtime." That might not sound right to you, but most of the time we give her a bath because she asks for one... not because she is dirty. :) She is a she, she is one, and we stay inside A LOT, how dirty can she be?

Another great thing... my fake sister, Julie said her friend recommended Aquaphor for Aayla's face issue. She has a daughter that has the same problem with the face rash with general redness, dryness, craking, and flaking. We were finally perscribed a steriod cream that cleared it up after ONE application and only got better in the next few days we used it. However, I'm scared of steriods because you have to use them in those bursts and then taper off. Its not supposed to be used as a daily cream. Once we stopped using it... her face flaired up again. Well, I've been using the aquaphor since yesterday afternoon and so far so good. No redness... at all. Thats major. The friend said they put it on their daughters face before she eats and then wipe it off afterwards. I tried that AND IT WORKED! maybe she just has a sensitive face. She isn't allergic to the foods we give her... otherwise we would obviously stop feeding those foods. Its just a pesky condition that I hope will be cured by this new treatment. I've tried so many things that I'm kind of pessamistic about anything really helping... but so far, so good.

See, I may have things to complain about... but life really is good. No, really.

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