Monday, February 2, 2009

Something in the Water?

Looks like I didn't need to be worried about myself getting pregnant... Friends Rachel & Tim, Sister Bree & Jeff, Friends Ted & Krista, Fellow Churchies Greg & Trish, Fellow Churchies Jeremy & Michelle... ALL PREGNANT! All of them except Greg & Trish announced their pregnancies this weekend. Seriously. Its crazy. I stand by the decision to try and get pregnant so that we have a baby sometime between December-March. I don't want to buy new maternity clothes and I liked being big during winter. However I'm going to get myself some YakTrax. Althought it is mighty tempting to get serious about trying posthaste. I never would have thought I'd be so baby crazy.

I had a conversation with Ryan's sister last night about timing of it all. She is engaged and plans to start planning her wedding after she graduates this June. I told her that I didn't exactly want to plan Someone's Entrance to the World around her wedding but at the same time I want to be able to fly to WA for the wedding and I want to be non-blimp-like so I can be helpful. Ryan told me BAD IDEA. Neither of us should be keeping the other in mind at all. We should just do what we want regardless of each other's plans. Talking about it only adds pressure and if something goes "wrong" then we'll just feel guilty. I told him he is staying home with the baby then cause I'm going to the wedding. Empty threats. Why do I make 'em? Oh well. I have a suspicion that hes right and I wish I could take back the conversation.

So things to do before getting pregnant:
  • Dental work: cleaning, crown, two front veneers, cavities that i'm SURE I have filled.
  • Get YakTrax.
  • Schedule out "payments" to self to save up for van.
In other news. Aayla made it to midnight tonight without any major cranky throw-downs or episodes. She was incredibly well behaved and actually fell asleep in the car as soon as I started it. She also stayed completely asleep as I transferred her to the crib. SUCH a flexible, relaxed baby girl. I love her. How could another one be this good?

So the office tonight. Hilarious. :) It makes me cringe from all the social pain going on. Ugh.

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