Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

So Ryan had his annual "lets go play survival in the woods when its freezing outside" weekend. :) I love coming up with new, sassy names for it. Last year I dubbed it Homestead Weekend because, in my opinion, they were going above and beyond what is necessary for simple survival. Well, it was planned to be a two night excursion with three extra people this year; double the number of last year's participants. My dad dropped out before they even left because he was afraid the walk in would be all he could handle and that he's be worthless for actually working on a shelter, etc. Smart and he doesn't regret it. Another guy has been sick for a week or so now, but still went... and ended up puking and getting sick out there. And another older guy was in the same predicament as my dad but didn't want to let them down by bowing out. So... they came home a day early. Ry said they got out there later than they planned and ended up working up until late, late at night. Some of them even skipped dinner they were so exhausted. However, he did tell me that I'm going to be SO PROUD of him for the video footage he managed to take. I'm excited to see it and get out the video editing stuff again.

I sat at my mom's all weekend. It was glorious except for the shenanigans from that little red bump on Aayla's gums. Friday night was filled with getting up every hour...thirty minutes... twenty minutes, etc to resettle her. I gave her like four bottles because I couldn't tell if it was hunger or what. In the morning I checked her mouth. Sure enough, there is a little red spot with something hard underneath. It hasn't popped through yet, so I'm sure we're in for a real treat for the next few nights. Actually, I didn't have tylenol in my bag for her at my mom & dad's, but tonight once we got home I popped some teething tablets in her mouth and gave her some tylenol... and I haven't heard from her since. Yay. Hopefully there will be some relief from the pain for her (and more sleep for me).

One of the things I did this weekend--since all my friends were busy and I was having some quality alone time--was work more on that book project. I'm now done with the Dewey numbers for all the books that already had them listed on their copyright pages, and the ones that didn't but had their numbers listed on our local library's search page. I've got a handful of books left that will need their own classification assignment from my best guess. I'm going to use this page to help me. (just incase YOU want to do the same with YOUR library!)

  • Find the Dewey numbers in the books that already have them printed
  • Find the Dewey numbers for the books that Don't have them listed
  • Guess on the classification for about 50 books
  • Estimate how many feet of brown paper I'll need to cover the books
  • Buy Paper
  • Cover the books!
  • Box them back up in hopes the shelves will be done SOON.

Man, I got so boring now that I've got a kid. I guess to make myself look at least a LITTLE better... I hung out with Beka on Friday, all day. We were boring even then, but at least I was with a friend. The kids, however, were NOT boring. They were into EVERYTHING. An entire big plastic bin of Lincoln logs was tipped over along with a box of blocks, and a couple weird plastic toy sets. The floor literally was a couple inches deep. Granted, its not a big room... but it was a big mess. We also caught them taking a bunch of CDs out of a holder thingy and throwing them all over... and the tupperware drawerS were emptied. Aayla was Not bored.

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