Friday, February 20, 2009

Ridiculous, I know, but it doesn't matter.

So... in my quest to get things checked off my project to-do list I have hit a rabbit trail. I'm okay with exploring this rabbit trail, however this is why my husband Wants to Wring My Neck. Yay. So we have to consolidate the office so it can eventually be a baby room. We got a free, smaller desk that might work, but we're throwing around the idea of making bookshelves in the bedroom (since there isn't any other place for them) that has a built in desk on one side and a vanity on the other since we have zero bathroom storage space and I'm not sure why a women would EVER consider buying this house. I wanted it solely because it had a laundry chute. I know. Ridiculous. So, if we're doing bookshelves that means books have to go on there. And if my books are all going on there, they WILL be organized and they WILL be pretty. Absolutely trivial task, but necesarry nonetheless. So church is throwing a project night for the ladies where you can go and just do your own projects that you've been putting off. Aayla is going to have an overnighter with Grandma since papa will be working and mama's going out! Yay! But in order to get ready for this monumental night I have to figure out what books Ryan is willing to part with since most of the gazillion books stuffed in our basement are his. Then since I'm doing this right the first time, I'm getting my nerd on and finding all the dewey decimal numbers. Then at church hopefully I'll have the mindless task of just covering them with paper so they can look all pretty like in the magazines. Then I'll write the deweys and book info on the spine so filing them will be a breeze. Is this really necessary... no. But... thats hard to believe judging from my efforts at this moment. :) I like to pretend its all in the name of consolidating.

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