Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

The rate that Aayla is learning stuff is really amazing. She is ten and a half months old. She has been taking steps since a week shy of 7 months and actual coordinated walking (albeit looking like a drunk baby) at 7.5 months. Sometimes I feel guilty for bragging or even acknowledging it because in reality, I didn't cause this and it doesn't necessarily mean she is going to find a cure for cancer. However, it IS fun. She is learning things like crazy. This week alone she learned to climb into the bathtub, flush the toilet, blow kisses, make syllables mimicking us saying "all done" while she signs it. I don't know when she picked it up but she runs when I say "lets RUN!" and she knows what her ball is, what her doll is, and what her book is. She knows what "get your booty out of her" means--she turns and runs for the closest doorway... pretty darn funny. She climbs... no scales couches, me, chairs, and is attempting to scale her crib. (which... rant about that coming later) Its amazing to be allowed in on this amazing time in her life. Its breathtaking to see the light bulb click on and Know she just learned something. Ry forgot his phone when he left for work so we drove it out to him. She was in the carseat and I had my window rolled down talking ot him. I said, "I love you" and heard this "uhh-uhh" from the backseat. (can't decide how to phonetically spell that) She had put her hand to her mouth and "blew kisses" to him while mimicking our "mmmwa" sound. She hasn't put the "mm" sound to it but its two syllables and her emphasis is on the second. Its so funny because it is not prompted. She also hugs and kisses other little kids. They, of course, interpret it as her performing Hold of Death... but I know her hearts in the right place. I just love being a part of her life. I feel so honored.

As for the crib. Big PIECE. Its a really soft pine, painted white. Aayla is eating the crib. I told Ryan that and he imagined the dents. No. I'm talking EATING the wood. She is ripping off chunks and is probably an eighth of an inch deep into it. She just stands there waiting for us to come get her and keeps her bottom two teeth scraping off chunks. I'm not sure what to do about it. I've been debating about just buying a new crib. However, it would probably be more economical to get something like this. I just don't like they sell them in singles. It makes more sense to me to sell them in a double pack. I however, will need three.

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