Friday, February 13, 2009

Inhale 2-3-4, Exhale 2-3-4

Made my appointments for the not-just-vanity-veneers. Am GOING TO DIE. On the same note; I saw Billy in the Wal-mart parking lot two days ago. Yes that was his real first name, but I'll refrain from adding his last name just incase any of you try to seek revenge for me. He's the boy who, in second grade, chased me around the playground as an expression of love and knocked me down--resulting in busted out front teeth. I sat in the parking lot and half considered whether I had it in me to hit him with my car. I realized I didn't so I drove away calling myself all sorts of names.

And that brings me to now... trying not to think about it in case I start hyperventalating. Too bad Ryan can't go with me to the appointment this time. Don't worry, I'm slapping myself because even I think I should just get over it.

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