Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Booty Shakes It and Other Stories

Aayla was Hilarious tonight at cuddle time (program at the local church where you hang out with your little one--in Aayla's case, all kinds under the age of 2) and sing all kinds of "fun" songs and other age appropriate things). She wouldn't sit in my lap, but she got her little groove on and was rockin out to everything. It was really funny. It was also realized tonight that Aayla is not 17-18 months old... but rather 10 months old. She will be 11 months next week. Pretty funny. It really does make me feel awkward when people praise her for being so advanced. I AM proud of her, but I don't want it to become nor have people assume that it is a source of "my kid is better than yours"-ness. She is a little smarty though. She CLEAR AS DAY said "bye." as we were leaving. It was pretty funny. She warms my heart.

Stellaluna is in the ceiling again. She will have to go before we move any kids into this room. I don't want anyone crying about monsters in the ceiling in the middle of the night. Ugh. She is so active. Anyone know any nice but effective ways to get bats out of your walls/ceilings/basements?

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