Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Worry, Little Relax.

Today is my day off... and I'm seeing the minutes fly by without actually doing anything. Darn it. I woke up at 5 am to take my temperature (FAM) and couldn't fall back asleep. Aayla woke up at 6:30 and I figured I might as well help her so Ry could keep sleeping. And... then at 7:15 I finally came back to bed even though helping Aayla took POSSIBLY 4 minutes. I'm starting back up my regular cycles and the unknowns needs to be dealt with before I can relax and feel comfortable again. We are "ready" for another baby, however we aren't trying/not trying for one. But I'm realizing there are a few things I need to have "filed" in my head before I'm completely comfortable with the idea of actually having another baby. So either one of two things could happen.

  1. We're not pregnant. Course of Action: carry on as usual. Continue consuming alcohol.
  2. We are pregnant. Course of Action: Jump for joy at how amazing God is for creating this whole amazing process and for the prospect of having another little kid running around here keeping Aayla company and us busy.
  • List of things to do: price out selling the car which is in need of back struts and some steering something or other; build bookshelves in the bedroom with a desk on Ryan's side (for our home office) and a vanity on mine (bc there is ZERO bathroom storage in this house) so that we can clear out the back bedroom; buy a van. Nothing big. Just spend gads of money. Lets all say a quick little prayer, dear Lord, please make our tax return money have a lot of digits. Oh AND... wait to find out when Erin's wedding will be since she isn't even planning the date until she graduates in June (good for her, btw). I keep feeling rather guilty that I might have just ruined the whole timing thing and could very well not be allowed to fly to see her get hitched. Darn it.

Now before anyone that actually knows me gets all crazy excited that we are pregnant, please take into consideration that the first YEAR of our marriage while ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS I acted like a big baby and cried pregnant right before my period started. That's just the way I roll. I like to have everything laid out so I can be prepared for "the worst" (which in this case isn't exactly all that bad) so I don't drift off into a comatose state due to shock. Yay. And let me tell you... beginning to chart my cycles after a year and a half of not having a period is rather like doing it for the first time.

Well, on to bigger and better things. What to do with my day off besides worry about being pregnant. Yay. Let me tell you, it will be filled with all kinds of wonderfuls. Target: Hair Straightener, Workout video. Jaggers: pick up drywall mud and painters tape. HomeDepot: if it doesn't work to get it from Jaggers. Maybe stop at Schulers to spend some more money off my gift card... and generally relax. We'll see how it goes.

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