Monday, January 19, 2009

Giant Exhale.

Ahhh.... Relief. Aayla became a monster during her 3 week sickness. Every time she cried from her crib I'd go in to help her (okay, and Ryan would take his turn too!) because it was obvious that she was in Desperate and Can Not Breathe mode from her cold. However, she is done with that bronchontis stuff... and has learned that she can cry in her crib if her eyes are open and mom or dad will come running. I spent the most part of Friday night "helping" her fall back asleep, picking her back up, rocking, holding, biting my tongue from yelling at her (and lets be honest... I didn't always win that one mostly bc you can say all kinds of nasty things in a sing song voice and a 9 month old will have no clue what you are saying. bad, bad momma.). Around 3 am I thought... WHAT AM I DOING!? This was not acceptable before she got sick and therefore it should not be now! So Saturday, I made up a bedtime routine that started around 7:45 for a bedtime of of 8:30... Bath for the first 15, then diaper change, chance to use the toilet, pjs on, picking up the toys, last bedtime milk, brush teeth, reading, rocking, and.... SLEEPING. It worked GREAT. I put her down in her crib, she slept for 10 minutes and then proceeded to scream for a half hour. Believe it or not, it was progress. I realized that every time I went in there as she was just calming down seemed to revive her and she'd cry for the same amount of time. So I decided I wouldn't go in until a half hour after she was quiet and hopefully sleeping. And lets be honest... the crying... wasn't much of crying. It was like she was calling to me in a mad/loud/fake cry voice. Not a single real tear. Scammer. To be fair, I had taught her that was how she would get my attention. So, we did the same routine last night and I started nap time routines. She went down without a single protest even though she was awake. Ahhh I love routines. I hate them for myself, but I'm a believer for kids.

Ah, yes. Relief.

So on my day off the other day, I went and picked up some paint and some supplies to finish decorating my living room. I picked up a gallon of paint the color of my selected color swatch. BAD IDEA. The olivey green color I wanted turned out YELLOW. Not even a hint of green. I had it in my mind that I was going to have a second opinion from my friend about another color and then go pick up another gallon. Before you think i'm ridiculous, there is a great sale on paint and the 25$ paint is on sale for around 11$. Okay, okay, and I really thought that it would work. So that didn't work out so well for me. Oh well. I'll try, try again.

Another score on my day off: pilates DVD. Never tried it before, but I love it. I should go do it right now because Pilates and an awake 9 month old do not mix very well.

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