Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And... here we go

We put up the Christmas tree last night. Its in its stand and we will put the lights/decorations up eventually. I'm just not ready for the work that goes into training Aayla not to touch it. One thing at a time. Its a blue spruce and so she doesn't like touching it. (good idea Ry).

Aayla has been diaper free pretty much all day. She went through 3 diapers last night (woke up each time she had to pee, didn't wait for us, and then didn't want to keep sleeping in a wet diaper) so we got up 3 different times to help her. She just must miss the newborn days. I hate to complain because that's exactly why we taught her to go to the bathroom... but its still frustrating to have to get out of a warm, cozy bed.

The only thing left to do for Christmas cards... print the letter and stuff the envelopes! yay. Tonight is the monthly girls night. Rys got Aayla duty. Speaking of the monster. Shes up... and would like to say a few words:

the end

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