Friday, November 21, 2008

starting over

And I'm starting over... picking up where I left off. I have this overwhelming desire to start journaling again... I'm just not sure what to say. I can't promise any life changing, deeply moving content but I can promise a whole lot of rambling. Isn't that exciting? Maybe I'll include some super cute pictures every now and then of this super cute little bear. Maybe.

Speaking of this whole starting over thing. Its almost the New Year (I know, its not even thanksgiving yet) and I'm so close to accomplishing all of my previous year's resolutions and I'm trying to narrow down a few more options for this coming year. I have six more books to read for the year to finish out my 57 (odd number because I was 7 books short of my 07 goal of 50 books so of course I wanted to FINISH). We finished our photo shoot yesterday for our Christmas cards. I will buy the envelopes this week and get them all labeled and stamped. Aw yea. Those are the only two yet to accomplish and I can raise my arms in ridiculous triumph for my first time EVER accomplishing all of my New Years Resolutions. :) Did I mention I have a fatal flaw? I'm not good at finishing things... and I'm trying to improve. Next year I would like to either take piano or sign language. :) I know, its ridiculous.

Ry has been getting a lot of overtime shift recently and its starting to drain my energy. I'm trying to make the best of the situation by going out. But there is only so much "going out" allowed with one income. Time to start getting creative.

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