Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mind? Check.

Christmas cards... almost done. Envelopes are addressed, return addressed, stamped, and ready. The cards are in process of being filled out. 1.5 boxes completed out of 4. The picture of Aayla has been taken, edited and just needs to have "Aayla Claire-7 months" added to the bottom and then have 90 wallets ordered. Thats right, I said NINETY. We're even skipping a few people. The letter has been written and just needs to be edited, signed and copied. Ry chose a police report format to be funny. We'll see if people think its as amusing as we do. So close. This year they might actually get sent out. I'm actually enjoying pulling them together. Must be because I'm a house wife.

Julie came over and helped me pick a few things to add to our living room to decorate. We bought black picture frames and will do a photo wall. I finally bought something to put a dry grass/stick arrangement in. AND I picked up some paint samples. I love the plumb color on the wall but its so blasted dark in there during the winter that it starts to make me depressed. We're going to go with a greenish-tan-olive color I think. Now we just have to pick the right shade. Decisions, decisions. At least there is a plan to work with.

Aayla is stumbling her way through the beginning stages of walking. Shes so darn cute and independent. My heart melts when I see her. Guess I have to love her... shes half mine. :)

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