Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm single and childless... for a few more hours.

  • Aayla's new trick of the day: standing in the highchair.
  • Lesson of the day: you may not leave a baby in a high chair for even a minute while you run down to put clothes in the washer.
Ryan agreed that today would be my free day. He's been working overtime for quite a few shifts in the past few weeks. That combined with Aayla sprouting more teeth than she currently needs ends up with me going partially INSANE. We've agreed he can hunt tomorrow and I can have today off (after his normal wake time of 2pm). They have gone to site in a shot gun. Obviously Aayla will not be around the gun. :) I did not have to help pack the bag, hunt down the ever-elusive pacifiers, wash diapers (ok but I did anyway bc I'm such a great wife), pack food, get the car ready to carry such precious cargo, etc. I just got to sit here picking out pictures to send to get printed and watch. Yay. Julie has agreed to come over here and help me figure out once and for all how I want the living room decorated. I'm thinking fake flowers, pictures (finally), and some other misc junk that won't add too terribly much to the "needs to be dusted but rarely is" list.

To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what else to do with myself. I'm thinking about going shopping a little and then going to the bookstore. Two things that are ridiculously hard or practically impossible with a little person just learning to walk.

Yep, shes WALKING. Shes walking, attempting to climb baby gates, attempting to put wet and sticky fingers into electrical outlets... and adding grey pieces to my hair. I'm sure this will all be at an exponential pace. Its starting out small to get me used to it and then she'll hit 16 and start driving and wanting to date and all kinds of other shenanigans that at this point are so far in the future that I just KNOW she will only ever make good choices and never, ever get in trouble.

I am also in dire need of a wardrobe update. I had two people assume I was still in HS. Most of my winter clothes are from 2001... which is really, really sad. Its partly because I hate shopping and therefore never really want to go... and partly because I can think of a million other things to spend clothing money on. I just don't think I will ever be a girly girl. However my "classic-pieces-every-girl-should-own" are either stained or developing holes. My FAVORITE zippy-hoodie sweater of all time has been banished from the public eye by Ryan. If I know its not considered "going in public" I sneak out with it on. The elbows are ridiculously thin, the cuffs are frayed and un-knitting themselves... and there are holes in just about every joined seem. But I still love it. Oh well. Time for it to retire. I realized yesterday while trying to get ready for church (and later sorting through my "vast" closet collection because I just couldn't believe that I'd let my wardrobe suffer so much) that I have a TOTAL of 3 shirts that will pass as winter clothing that are 1. Mine and 2. Make me feel like a respectable girl. AKA... its time to bite the bullet and shop. I've been shopping for too long in my sisters closet. If I could just wear my pregnancy clothes I'd have a few more. However, no matter HOW comfortable elastic waistband pants are, they are just not appropriate for a non-pregnant girl. But if I were president...

Maybe the next installment will include something about my TERRIBLE HAIRCUT that will be fixed tomorrow at 4:45. yay.

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